Nachtsession 29.01.2010

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01. Paralysed   Gang of Four            
02. 4.48 Psychosis   Tindersticks            
03. Everything I Build   The Stills            
04. These Feelings   Ian Hunter            
05. Low Man   Alberta Cross            
06. You On The Run   The Black Angels            
07. I Canít Escape Myself   The Sound            
08. Send In The Clowns   Mark Kozelek            
09. Stillness Is The Move   Dirty Projectors            
10. The Guy That Says Goodbye
To You Is Out Of His Min
  Griffin House            
11. Where Will I Be   Daniel Lanois            
12. Fuzzy Reactor   Boris            
13. Trying To Find A Home   Tindersticks            
14. Jetstream   Doves            
15. Blackout   Soulsavers            
16. One Hundred Million Years   M. Ward            
17. Omens & Portents 1   Bill Frisell & Earth            
18. Voodoo Chile   Jimi Hendrix            

Blessed Be The Name Of The

  Jack Rose            
20. Second Hand Light   Dakota Suite            
21. I Needed It Most   My Morning Jacket            
22. Happy   Leona Lewis            
23. Ten Thousand Words   The Avett Brothers            
24. In A Rut   The Ruts            
25. A Line In The Dirt   Eels            
26. Man Of The Hour   Norah Jones            
27. Duo Glide   Daniel Lanois