Nachtsession 29.05.2009

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01. Heartbroken, In Disrepair   Dan Auerbach   Keep It Hid        
02. Wrong   Depeche Mode   Sounds Of The Universe        
03. Hope For The Hopeless   A Fine Frenzy   One Cell In The Sea        
04. Shine It All Around   Robert Plant & The Strange
  Mighty Rearranger        
05. Zealots Serve Dogmas   Rainer   The Westwood Sessions        
06. Heavy   Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion   Xtra-Acme USA      
07. Cradle Moon   Michael Hall   Random Hold        

Breathing Soul

  Gustavo Santaolalla   Babel [OST]        
09. Seven Crows   Crowsong   Shelter Eternal        
10. Look Inside   Gustavo Santaolalla   Babel [OST]        

Peyote Healing

  Robbie Robertson   Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy        
12. Dark Was The Night   Souvenir’s Young America   An Ocean Without Water        
13. Amelia Desert Morningu   Gustavo Santaolalla   Babel [OST]        
14. Longest Days   John Mellencamp   Life Death Love And Freedom        
15. The Enchanter   Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation   Mighty Rearranger        
16. Hiding It   Gustavo Santaolalla   Babel [OST]        
17. Toumast   Tinariwen   Aman Iman: Water Is Life        
18. Cold Desert   Kings Of Leon   Only By The Night        
19. Black Feather Wishes Riseon   Brightblack Morning Light   Brightblack Morning Light        
20. Memphis Jane   Buddy & Julie Miller   Written In Chalk        
21. The Catch   Gustavo Santaolalla   Babel [OST]        
22. Scarecrow   The Veils   Sun Gangs        
23. Lisa   Morphine   Good        
24. Soyuz   Appliance   Manual        
25. Joe Si Ha   Tosca   No Hassle        
26. Just Like Anyone   Aimee Mann   Bachelor No. 2        
27. X-Files Theme   Mark Snow   X-Files – I Want To Believe [OST]        
28. Changing Of The Guard   Chris Whitley & Jeff Lang   Dislocation Blues        
29. Love Scene   Jerry Garcia   Zabriskie Point [OST]